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Replaceable Yaesu / Vertex two-way radio battery

Replaceable Yeasu / Vertex two-way radio battery

We supply replaceable batteries for your Yeasu / Vertex two-way radio. Our replaceable Yeasu / Vertex batteries are 100% identical to the original two-way radio batteries. Because you do not pay for the brandname, we can offer you the same high quality batteries as the original but at a 30% - 70% lower price and with 12 months warranty! The replaceable Yeasu / Vertex battery is not harmful to your two-way radio system and can be simply used with original two-way radio parts.

Why choose for a replaceable Yeasu / Vertex two-way radio battery from Raca?

The main features to choose for a compatible Yeasu / Vertex battery:
  • same qualtity as original Yeasu / Vertex, but at a much lower price
  • cells inside are identical to the original Yeasu / Vertex battery
  • size and shape of the housing are identical to the original Yeasu / Vertex battery

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