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Remote Control Parts


In a radio remote control system, the transmitter is the user interface to control the machine. For many years Raca Parts has been supplying original remote control parts and systems to customers in the segment of lorry loaders, concrete pumps, demolition robots, overhead cranes all over the world.

We supply spare parts, complete systems as well as transmitters as a single unit. We work with major brands likeScanreco, Palfinger, Abitron, Hetronic and Ikusi Danfoss. Most parts are sold from stock and at economical prices. All Remote control parts are original.

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A1000380100 A1000380100 Joystick linear with spring return
A1000380140 A1000380140 Push button with rubber contact
A1000380150 A1000380150 Switch with Rubber protection spring return switch 3 positions
A1000380170 A1000380170 Emergency stop button with contact
A2000380106 A2000380106 Upper black protecion frame for Tx with Linear Joysticks
A2000380170 A2000380170 Emergency Stop button with contact
A2000380302 A2000380302 Bottom Black Part
A2000900100 A2000900100 Rubber Protection only
A2000900101 A2000900101 Rubber Protection only
A3000380302 A3000380302 Bottom Black Part
11123950 11123950 Gasket lip-profile black for GL housing
11190050 11190050 Top housing TG yellow - raw part unmachined
11241000-KSP 11241000-KSP Housing EURO yellow - top machined
1150440001 1150440001 Adapter Plate JCP 2 -> JM-1L BLK Unit
60403150 60403150 Finger Guiding Plate TG black unit - 12PB+LED with front panel membrane
60403155.A 60403155.A Front Panel membrane TG both-sided self adhesive
61107000 61107000 Locking clamp V2A 60mm - unmachined (EURO/GR)
61107020 61107020 Locking clamp V2A 60mm - 2xM5 (EURO/GR)
62200300 62200300 Board DMS-1 for joystick SK60 Typ NOVA-L (!!!)
63020065 63020065 Toggle switch MIL Ø12mm / ON-0-MOM / DP / 2xCO / solder connection
63020085 63020085 Toggle switch MIL Ø12mm / ON-0-ON / DP / 2xCO / solder connection
63020092 63020092 Toggle switch MIL Ø12mm / MOM-0-MOM / DP / 4xNO / solder connection
64199800 64199800 Adapter Cable Set TX JM-3K Prop Unit
64199810 64199810 Adapter Cable Set TX JM-3K Gray Unit
64199850.A 64199850.A Adapter Cable Set TX JM-2L Prop unit
67149000 67149000 Joystick JC300 D3/D1
67150100 67150100 Joystick JC300 G/D5
67150500 67150500 Joystick JC300 G/G
67170200 67170200 Joystick SK60-0240 NOVA-L D3/D3
67175110 67175110 gaiter JM-3K-55 silicone black for joystick with deadman (NOVA-M/NOVA-L/NOVA-XL)
67210510 67210510 Gaiter JC300
67210530 67210530 Gaiter/boot black for joystick Gessmann V14

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