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Remote Control Parts


In a radio remote control system, the transmitter is used to control the machine. For many years Raca Parts has been supplying original remote control parts and systems to customers in the segment of lorry loaders, concrete pumps, demolition robots, overhead cranes all over the world.

We supply spare parts, complete systems as well as transmitters as a single unit. We work with major brands likeScanreco, Palfinger, Abitron, Hetronic and Ikusi Danfoss. Most parts are sold from stock and at economical prices. All Remote control parts are original.

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KH67175548 KH67175548 Joystick JM-3K-55 P/P
1152023-D0 1152023-D0 Push button cover CP70
2303670 2303670 Pushbutton P70
2303677 2303677 Lower Part PI70/1
2303723 2303723 Internal antenna Tx T70 870 – 915 MHz
2303760 2303760 Maintained switch S70 1-0-1
2305127 2305127 STOP button EMS70
2305332 2305332 Blind Cover IK2 LED
2800059 2800059 Transmitter Board LE71 MCX
2800066 2800066 Transmitter Board LE71H MCX
2800084 2800084 Upper part PS70/1
2800086 2800086 Upper part PS70/1 HALL
2800129 2800129 Optical Joystick MO70 2014
EEA2582 EEA2582 Rocker Switch ON-OFF-ON
EEA2598 EEA2598 Linear lever
EEA4708 EEA4708 Housing Base
EEA4784 EEA4784 Cross Levers
EEA4787 EEA4787 Housing Base
EEA5057 EEA5057 Housing with Switch with LED, Linear lever control
EEA6189 EEA6189 Housing Top
EK1230 EK1230 Seal for Housing base
A1000380100 A1000380100 Scanreco 5 pin paddle lever
A1000380102 A1000380102 Scanreco 4 pin paddle lever
A1000380130 A1000380130 Switch with Rubber protection detent switch 3 positions
A1000380140 A1000380140 Push button with rubber contact
A1000380150 A1000380150 Switch with Rubber protection spring return switch 3 positions
A1000380170 A1000380170 Emergency stop button with contact
A1000380180 A1000380180 4 Pins Male Connector with closing Cap
A1000380230 A1000380230 Switch with Rubber protection detent switch 2 positions
A1000380400 A1000380400 Joystick 2 axis cross
A1000380402 A1000380402 Joystick 3 axis cross
A1000380600 A1000380600 Joystick 2 axis cross

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