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Remote Control Parts


For many years Raca Parts has been supplying original remote control parts and systems to customers. From plates to joysticks and from switches to belts, we sell every part of the remote control sets. We serve segments like lorry loaders, concrete pumps, demolition robots and overhead cranes all over the world.

We supply all kinds of accessories of a remote control set. We work with major brands like Scanreco, Palfinger, Abitron, Hetronic and Ikusi Danfoss. All remote control accessories are original.

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K450367 K450367 EX Battery MINI-EX-I NiMH 3.6V/2000mAh black
EEA2763 EEA2763 Belt Attachment
A3000380410 A3000380410 Belt for waist use large
11404400 11404400 Holster ERGO with neck belt without pads with protective foil (!!!)
11405015 11405015 Supporting frame GL V2A without belt (EX, seawater proof)
11405042 11405042 Supporting frame GL alu black anodized without belt
11406650 11406650 Belly belt NOVA-S without pads and logo (!!!)
11407100 11407100 protective bar GR with 2 mounting brackets
11407113 11407113 Magnet Holder for Receiver Set (1 Set=4pcs.)
21949015 21949015 Key-Ring ø30mm (neck belt cable control)
K450368 K450368 Battery MINI-EX-IIB NiMH 3.6V/2000mAh black
KA350023 KA350023 Belly belt NOVA-L/NOVA-XL without cushion with metal closure
KH11401000 KH11401000 Chest plate GR black with belt without cushion
KH11401400 KH11401400 chest plate EURO black with belt and without cushion
KH11404105.A KH11404105.A Shoulder belt TGA/TGB
KH11406002 KH11406002 Belly Belt GL with cushion without logo
KH11406051 KH11406051 EX leather belly belt NOVA with cushion
KH11406052 KH11406052 Belly belt NOVA-L/NOVA-XL/T3/T5/T7 with cushion and without logo
KH11406202 KH11406202 Neck belt NOVA-M/NOVA 6L/NOVA-XL/GL2/GL3 with cushion without logo
KH11406600.A KH11406600.A Belly belt for NOVA-M without cushion and without logo
KH11406900.A KH11406900.A shoulder cross belt with padded belt, front pocket, reflecting stripe silver, without logo
KH56609902 KH56609902 Adapter set (EURO/UK/AUS) for plug power suppy fitting for KH56609002
KH68108101 KH68108101 charger TGA BCT-1 / 100-240VAC / 600mA / EU/UK/US/AUS adaptor / logo "ABITRON"
KH68108131 KH68108131 charger TGA BCT-1 / 12-30VDC / 600mA / car-adapter / logo "ABITRON"
KH68108151 KH68108151 charger TGA BCT-1 / 12-30VDC / 600mA / flat receptacle / logo "ABITRON"
KH68108501 KH68108501 charger NOVA/ERGO / 100-240VAC / EU,UK,US & AUS adapter / Logo "ABITRON"
KH68108570.B KH68108570.B Charger MINI BCM-1 / 100-240VAC / STD(750mA) & EX(200mA) / EU,UK,US & AUS adaptor / Logo ABITRON
KH68108601 KH68108601 Charger NOVA/ERGO / 100-240VAC & 12-32VDC / EU,UK,US,AUS & car-adapter / Logo "ABITRON" (!!!)
KH68108670.B KH68108670.B Charger MINI BCM-1 / 9-36VDC / STD(750mA) & EX(200mA) / flat receptacle / logo "ABITRON
KH68108690.B KH68108690.B Charger MINI BCM-1 / 9-36VDC / STD(750mA) & EX(200mA) / car-adapter / logo "ABITRON"
KH68108700 KH68108700 charger GL/TG/GR UCH-2 / 115/230VAC / 440mA / EU/UK/US/AUS adapter / logo "ABITRON"
KH68108800 KH68108800 Charger GL/TG/GR UCH-2 / 10-30VDC / 440mA / flat receptacle / Logo "ABITRON"

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