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Industrial radio remote control

Radio remote control parts exporter

Ordering your radio remote control parts for your crane or machinery was never that easy. We supply original and replacement batteries and chargers for every industrial radio remote control system to importers and dealers. Our remote control parts are sold to many satisfied customers all around the world.

Replaceable radio remote control parts

We supply replaceable / compatible radio remote control batteries and chargers for major brands like Scanreco, Hetronic, ABB / HBC and many more. The replacement industrial radio remote control parts are 100% identical to the original. Because you do not pay for the brandname, we can offer you the same high quality parts as the original but at a 30% - 70% lower price than the original and with 12 months warranty! The replaceable radio remote control parts are not harmful to your remote control system and can be simply used with original radio remote control parts.

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2 Item(s)

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